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    AT 9AM*

    *Before submitting your quote, you'll have the option to request a specific pickup and return time as well as the option to pickup the day before at 4pm.

    If your rental period will be longer than 30-days, please contact us directly.


    BY 10AM*

    *Before submitting your quote, you'll have the option to request a specific pickup and return time as well as the option to pickup the day before at 4pm.

    If your rental period will be longer than 30-days, please contact us directly.

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      A hold will be made in the amount of the Full Replacement Value. If the Full Relacement Value is over $10,000 a COI will be required. If you provide a COI, a hold will be made in the amount of your Insurance's deductible.

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    You may request a specific pickup and return time. You also have the option to pickup at 4PM the day before and return by 10am the day after.
    Pickups and returns can only be scheduled Monday to Friday between 9AM-5:30PM.

    Do you already have a rental account with Focus Gear?

    Will you provide insurance?


    Thank you!

    Thank you for sending your equipment rental request!  We will get back to you within the next 2 hours during our business hours (Monday to Friday 9AM-6PM).
    If you don’t have an account, please fill out our rental account application. This will save time in your rental reservation process.
    If you already have an account just sit back, relax, check out some cat videos on youtube, and of course tell your friends about us 🙂
    Feel free to call us at 646-649-3600 or email us at  for any additional questions!


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    Full Replacement Value

    A hold will be made in the amount of the Full Replacement Value. If the Full Relacement Value is over $10,000 a COI will be required. If you provide a COI, a hold will be made in the amount of your Insurance's deductible.

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      New Account Application



      We’re open Monday through Friday, 8AM-7PM. Cut off for pickups and returns is 6:30PM.


      We’re located at 225 West 39th Street (between 7th & 8th) 6th Floor.

      For Pickups:  enter through the main building entrance, take the elevator to the 6th floor to Focus Gear.

      For Returns: please access through the FREIGHT ENTRANCE, one door down from the main entrance(toward 8th Ave.)


      DAY RATE

      One 24 hour period or pickup after 4:30PM and return by 9:30AM two days later.


      Seven consecutive, 24-hour periods.

      MONTH / 30-DAY RATE

      Thirty consecutive, 24-hour periods.


      A photo ID and a major Non-Debit Credit Card with enough line of credit available to hold the full replacement value of the equipment you are renting or a Certificate of Insurance that covers rented equipment for the full replacement value, naming Focus Gear as certificate holder, additional insured and loss payee. “EXCLUSION FOR THEFT FROM UNATTENDED VEHICLES” must be removed from insurance policy and noted on the certificate.

      If you provide us with a certificate of insurance, we will only put a hold for the amount of your deductible on your Credit Card. Please be aware that the credit card companies take 7-10 days to refund your deposit. We are not responsible for the return of funds to your account or any fees that your bank might charge.

      We do not provide insurance and we strongly encourage renters to obtain an insurance policy (see below for insurance contacts). All equipment is tested and inspected prior to and after each rental. If equipment is returned damaged, we will send it to the manufacturer for an estimate and either bill you for the repair fee or for the full replacement cost if it can’t be fixed.


      Credit card (AMEX, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, VISA) for the rental amount must be received prior to checkout. All rental charges incurred are subject to an 8.875% New York sales tax unless a valid NYS Tax Exempt Certificate is provided.


      We strongly recommend reserving your gear a few days in advance. Any cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled checkout will be charged the entire amount of the rental.


      Any and all equipment returned after the specified time on the expected day of return will be charged for that day at the standard daily rental rate.


      In addition to offering some of the lowest rates in New York we also offer 10% off with a Made in NY Card!

      Rental Credits and Discount Vouchers:

      • Must be used by the listed expiration date
      • Current clients must have valid insurance and be in good standing with Focus Gear
      • New clients must create a rental account with Focus Gear and have valid insurance
      • Only one credit or discount voucher per order
      • Credits and vouchers cannot be combined with any other Focus Gear discounts or promotions


      We do not provide insurance but we recommend checking out:



      About 10 years ago, we felt that rental businesses did not always make sense, that they needed a change. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and establish a rental house like no other. We wanted to create a personal experience where prices were both honest and affordable, and where customer service and technical knowledge were top priorities. So in 2007, we began to rent equipment out of an apartment based in East Village. Our rental services had a humble start, offering only a few Panasonic HVX200s and some lighting equipment that we would use for our own productions as well.


      Since then, Focus Gear has flourished into a mid-sized rental house with a dedicated team of rental technicians, fully equipped with check out bays for commercial and cinema rentals. We offer a wide range of professional equipment including cinema cameras and lenses, as well as lighting, grip, and audio equipment. We are now known as a rental house who takes just as much care of our clients as we do our equipment. Focus Gear has achieved a significant amount of growth over the years, but our personable, unpretentious attitude, as well as our great taste in music, have not changed a bit.



      Pickups and Drop Offs

      We’re located at 225 West 39th Street (between 7th & 8th): Access only through door one door down (toward 8th Ave.) from the main entrance. Press the buzzer to the right to enter the freight entrance. Once inside, take the elevator to the 6th floor. Entrance to Focus Gear will down the hall. Ring buzzer for entry.

      Your pickup and drop off times are listed at the bottom of your quote, but may be scheduled between 8am and 6:30pm depending on availability. Let us know your extension date and you will be sent an updated invoice. Any balance will be processed after your equipment is returned. Please note, this may be limited by availability.

      How far in advance do I need to send my inquiry? / Can I fill out the forms in the store?

      It’s best to inquire about your gear 1-week in advance. We recommended that Non-Account Holder submit their inquiries and Account Application at least 24-hours prior to their rental. Your account needs to be completed at least 24-hours before you reserve equipment.

      Unfortunately, we do not accept walk-ins and will need time to set-up your account before prepping your gear.

      If I don’t have an account, can I reserve equipment?

      If you do not have an account we can only place a “soft hold” but if a current account holder inquires about the gear before you submit your account application, we’ll have to give the gear to them.

      Can you ship/deliver the equipment to my set?

      Deliveries: Focus Gear will deliver equipment but only for pre-existing Accounts Holders and only within the New York City area. We will not deliver equipment for new Accounts Holders.

      Shipping: Focus Gear does not ship gear in any type of package service out of state or within New York City. That said, we are working on implementing shipping options in the future.

      Do I need Insurance to rent from Focus Gear?

      Insurance is only required if the Full Replacement Value is over $10,000. However, we strongly suggest carrying insurance for your rentals, this will protect you in case of theft or incident on set (ever hear that story of the guy who tripped on a C-stand?).

      We require the following:

      •The Account Holder be listed as the Insured
      •May list Company Name as the Insured, if the Company Name is listed on Credit Card used for the Hold
      •Focus Gear listed as the Certificate Holder
      •The policy must be Leased/Rented Equipment or Inland Marine
      •Focus Gear listed as Additionally Insured and Loss Payee
      •All Exclusions for Theft from an Unattended Vehicle must be removed
      A Sample COI can be found on our website and on the 5th page of the Account Application.

      If you need help finding insurance, we recommend Robertson TaylorTaylor & Taylor, and Film Emporium.

      What is “Exclusion for Theft from an Unattended Vehicle?”

      Exclusion for Theft from an Unattended Vehicle basically means if someone breaks into your car and steals the equipment, the insurance company will not cover the incident. We require all Exclusions for Theft from an Unattended Vehicle be removed from your insurance policy.

      Insured listed on COI

      My Company is listed as the Insured. Is that ok?

      As long as your Company’s Name is listed on the Credit Card you use for the Hold, that is fine. If not, the Account Holder’s name must be added as the Insured.

      I’m the account holder, but would like to use my friend’s insurance.

      No. We can only accept the Account Holder’s Insurance. Another person/Company’s Insurance will not be accepted.

      I am currently in college and using my school’s insurance. Only my school can be listed as the Insured.

      We ask that the school’s Insurance Company add your name as a C./O., DBA, or listed in the description with the project’s name. We also will need the contact information for your Student Coordinator and have them provide a list of currently enrolled students in the program.

      What is the Hold?

      The Hold is a Pre-Authorization that we place on the card associated with your account. The Hold is in the amount of the Full Replacement Value of the gear. If you provide Insurance, we’ll place the Hold in the amount of your Insurance’s Deductible. Depending on your bank, it takes 5-7 business days from the day you picked-up for the Hold to be removed.

      If I provide Insurance, does that mean you won’t place the Hold?

      No. If you provide Insurance, we’ll place the Hold in the amount of your Insurance’s Deductible.

      When are references required? What kind of references are needed?

      References are required when the Full Replacement Value is over $10,000. We only accept references from U.S based Rental Houses that specialize in Film/Video Equipment Rentals. I.e: Adorama Rentals, Abelcine, Handheld Film, VER, etc…

      If you don’t have any references we ask that please submit your Account Application at least 48-hours (a week is preferred) in advance of your rental so we may run a detailed background check. Additional personal information may be asked for.

      We can only accept the Account Holder’s References. Another person’s References will not be accepted.

      Can I pay after I return my rental?

      No, the Rental Charge and Hold must be processed before we can release the gear.

      I’m on on a tight budget, is there a possibility for a discount?

      Of course. We are always willing to work with any budget. Send us your budget for equipment with your gear list and we’ll see what we can do for you.

      Student Discounts: We don’t have a student discount, but we are willing to work with any budget. Send us your budget for equipment with your gear list and we’ll see what we can do for you.

      Made in New York: Of course. Send us your Made In New York card and we’ll give you a 10% discount.

      How do I change my payment terms to Net-30?

      To become Net-30, please request a Net-30 application. Please note, Net-30 terms are reserved for frequent clients.



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